When is the best time to rent out my Kennesaw home?

One of the most popular questions we receive at PRM Georgia is when is the best time to rent out your Kennesaw home. Having helped many homeowners in Kennesaw and surrounding areas lease out and manage their properties, we have found that the best time of the year to begin a lease is in the Spring and early Summer. Most leases are 1-year deals and the biggest demand for Kennesaw properties for rent is when the school year ends as parents and families are looking for their next place to live.

By renting your Kennesaw home at this time of the year, you are ensuring you get the house back and turn it over at the same time of the year on a 1-year lease so that your are always leasing it at the height of the market and not during the offseason. That’s the best and easiest way to maximize your rental income.

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